Friday, January 25, 2008

A F*cked-up day saved by Starbucks, nails and more!

After a bad day, and i mean BAD, at work, I went off to the mall. I wanted to have a massage to take away my sorrows, well, momentarily that is. i just wanted to experience even a slight moment of peace where the harsh reality of the world is forgotten. Haaay...and while sipping my mango tapioca drink, my galpal, Cagney called me for a meet-up. She sensed there's sumthin' amiss. We headed to Starbucks to have our usual caffeine dose (heck, I needed it at that time) and I started lamenting.

After our talk I felt much better, nuthin' an ol' macchiato and a listening ear to cheer you up. I may be facing this now but I know I'll emerge stronger. I don't give up I always rise to a good challenge!

So I finally got my Starbucks planner, actually not really that excited bout it coz it' not that too special anymore, the leather's nice but the rest of the planner is just so-so. I'm actually thinking of giving it to my sis.

Will post the pic later, network problem!

Here it is!

Then we had an hour of pampering at California Nails & Day Spa for a mani-pedi. Lurve my french mani and my uber-hot pink toenails! Will definitely go back for my next mani-pedi session. Service i great, plus their polishes are nice and seems to last longer than my usual ones.

Again will post pics...

My nails, in dainty-pink...

and my toes... (I can't believe i'm posting my feet for the whole world to see!)

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