Monday, January 21, 2008

kikay stuff

I dropped by the mall yesterday, actually i just needed to buy a couple of stuff, mostly toiletries, conditioner, napkins(...shhh), and bath soap. I ended with this loot...

All because of my fella bona-fide GTalkers' massive recos on what's hot and not...and in the spirit of kikayness. All this and a couple of other stuff pa for less than 900 bucks...yeah sulit, all good buys! watchathunk? Well originally i got a lot more stuff pa but am really trying to contol the impulsive that i am! Am saving up for a little biggie stuff... you'll find that out soon enuf! Well, tata for now, as i apply my night cream, eye cream...i wish yah all a dreamy slumber... XOXO i know you love me!

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