Friday, January 18, 2008

Off to get meds & a little mall trip

Been having migraines big time the last couple of days. Can't sleep at night. Not good coz i have to wake up real early and prepare for work (heck, i work at US time-zones, mind you!). And i don't have any pain-relievers left. I think my mom was right in saying that my work is wreaking havoc to my health. That and not exercising, not eating well (junkie addict), not drinking well smoking (ooops..don't tell my mom), staying up late (i can't sleep=eyebaggies) and weel.. i think i abuse myself too much.

So, enough said, it's already soooo late, I need to get some stuff at the mall (well, meds are my priority, and then a couple of other stuff).

tata...i know you love me...XOXO

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