Monday, March 10, 2008

A very cuddly PinK!

Who'd ever thought a Hippo could be this cute?simply adorable!

if you think this is cute then wait 'til you see what else it can do!!!

Yep, these cuddly animals is a cuddly-toy slash pillow slash blankie. Cool, huh! What is it? It's a Zoobie Pet and I want one! What can I say, it's the child in me... and hey, it has other functions as well. This will be great when going on out-of-town trips or even at the office (when it's too darn cold, or when sneakin a doze-off...hehe).

A bit pricey though, at P2499.74 a pop.

*pics from shopcrazy

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another good read in John Grisham's Pelican Brief

I just finished devouring John Grisham's novel--The Pelican Brief. This was my first time to read a book of his, although i get to watch some of his works played on the big screen. I've always believed the one on print is way better than the movie version.

I just grabbed this book last week, on impulse. When i saw the Grisham books, I thought to myself why haven't i read any of his novels before. Why...oh why??? So i just bought it and forgot about it for a couple of days again coz i got engrossed in another book I've bought with this. Then, 2 days ago I decided to read it, and it kept me up late into the night, way too late. that's how engrossed i am with this new fave author of mine. Sydney Sheldon's and Dan Brown's books are my ultimate reads anytime! I can't get enough of thrillers, suspense... And i used to think that Grisham's books are boring coz of legal jargons, but now I'm a full convert!