Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Orgranization; Less Procrastination

I have procrastinated before. I have promised not to, so I'm starting now, not later, not tomorrow, but NOW.

I am organizing my life and focusing on one of the things important to me, my career advancement. I've always been motivated, driven and goal-oriented. I've always dreamed of being part of a dynamic, fast-paced & exciting organization where my inputs are important. Metrobank & Etelecare has been all that and more. Even better than i've expected. My stay with Etelecare has been a whirlwind of oppotunities and unexpected experiences, all of which made me grow not just professionally, but personally as well. I've found true friends who will stick by me thru the ends of the earth. And also friends who had stabbed me in the back a couple of times. All part of life. Lessons are learned; friendships gained; friendships lost. Being a leader in this industry has taught me a lot of things. Too many to fit in a plethora of thoughts jotted down electronically.

I will be leaving soon, with a heavy heart. Titan has made me who I am now and I'm thankful...for everything. I will bring all the good memoirs and hope I leave some of mine to the people I care about. I believe in building bridges and conquering walls, I believe I was able to do some. I believe that in spite of everything that happened, I was still able to impart my skills, knowledge and most of all my heart. I may have had my share of bad moments, but i can say that I've also had the best times of my life here. I've found a bundle of friends who'll move mountains for me & understands my indifference. I've had the best team any TL would ask for, a team who's unity, perseverance & loyalty to each other is unsurpassed. To my leaders who never gave up on me, who trusted me no matter what, who never judged me, who BELIEVED in me, who told me I can, you are all worthy mentors and I wish you more success.

Now, as I embark on another exciting journey towards finding my niche in the corporate arena, i resolve to bring back the old me who's always driven & aspiring. To always be at my game, at my very best. And, as one good mentor quoted me, find my bliss and I'll go for my bliss; I will go for my DREAMS...

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