Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My New Suesh brushes

I just received my package from Suesh. I ordered the 5-pc set and the retractable powder brush. If you haven't noticed yet, am currently addicted to mineral make-ups. and how do I apply those lovely colors in their jars, of course, with these uber-cute brushes.

I have yet to use it in applying my MMU but from touching it, i can really say the bristles are very soft. I hope they don't shed ( i hate when that happens). These brushes are from HK but i got it from an online store. These babies are real animal hair (i think pony & squirrel) and are supposedly better at picking up pigments compared to their synthetic counterparts. In fairness to my share of synthetic brushes (well, i only have EDM for now), my EDM brushes are actually very great. I have the long-handled kabuki, the flat top and the foundation brush. They are uber soft (feels like silk on my skin) and do an awesome job in applying mmu. Mineral powders stick to the hair like a charm and delivers the same on my skin so luxuriously that applying my mmu is both a treat and a breeze. I've already washed it a couple of times already, and not once did it shed. This is my HG brush so far.

I have yet to use my Suesh brushes but from the looks and feel of it, Suesh may be right up there too!

Just to add, Suesh customer service is also great. We had a mix-up in terms of the shipping address. It was mistakenly delivered to my office address (as you know, am on sabbatical) but it was eventually straightened out and sheryll was very accomodating and on top of it. Once i get to use the brushes, i'll go right ahead and post a review.



Thea said...

Thanks for the review. I'm looking at different brushes available locally. Btw, what does "HG" mean?

Anonymous said...

HG means Holy Grail. :)

Hotel Finder said...

yes i met the owner of suesh and she is cool. so customer service is good and so many good reviews on suesh brushes.

from Hotel Finder

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you want mineral make ups you can try Mary Kay's mineral powder. It's superb! you can pm me at marikitz (my multiply account)