Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pizza fest & ice cream galore at my Nanay's place

We went to my lola's place, my old home before we moved to our own place, for a post-celebration of my mom's birthday. We already celebrated this a week before at North Park ATC. We brought 4 boxes of pizza from Pizza Hut using our Palm Card (so we got 2 additional boxes free!), and also a gallon of ice cream. Yhummmmyyy... went home with our appetites full, also with smiles and laughters on our faces. It was always fun visiting our old place with Nanay, Tatay, Mama Cristy, little Micah (who's quickly turning into a brat, nonetheless everyone's little girl), Daddy, Tito Lito and their families.

here's my mom toasting to her birthday, Cheers!
(nope, that ain't booze)

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