Thursday, February 7, 2008

Medical Check-up turned shopping spree

Went to Southmall earlier today and got myself a couple of stuff!

Am supposed to have my mini-head injury/wound checked. I don't want any irritation, much less a scar...Noooooohhh. Too bad there's no doctor available anymore at Casa Medica. What? It's only 4pm! LOL...undertime??? Anyway, i just self-medicated and asked the pharmacist to recommend an anti-inflammatory ointment. So i got myself a small tube of Teramycin Plus. It's described as a first aid for the prevention and treatment of infection in minor cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions, insect bites, pustules and even pimples! I really should have a first-aid kit! Instead of collecting make-ups and beauty products... well...let's just leave my source of pure joy alone, shall we. I promise, I'll make more effort to be more health-conscius, aside from being vanity-focused, teehee. I also got myself a month's supply of vitamins & supplements--Vitamin C (for my immune system, to ward off my constant colds), Caltrate Plus, a calcium supplement (i gotta take care of my bones whilst still young, plus am not fond of milk, am lactose-intolerant by choice!), Vitamin E (for my skin, for a glow that comes from within) and Vicks Vaporub (for my sleepless nights due to runny noses and heavy breathin').

Bought at Watson's and just 'coz i can't help my impulsive self from buying extra stuff, I got their freebie pink watch. Cool! I love freebies, who does't!

I also bought some good reads at Book Sale. I just so love this store, think great reads at a fraction of the cost. I got a copy of The Purpose-Driven Life, Soar...if you Dare (both inspirational & motivational) and Danielle Steele's Star. Can't wait to read all of them and get my dose of insights on life and love.

Got Marie Claire mags, as well. Wanna try this one, am always getting Cosmo!

And lastly to fulfill my gastronomic tastes, I got a large box of cereals, 2 boxes of Popcorn, SPAM (just coz i missed it), cans of tuna in hot & spicy, chocolates for Mama & Papa, Gummi Worms for my sis (for me, too!).

So much for my save save save-no-buying-spree campaign! LOL, as if!


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