Saturday, April 5, 2008

My current HG Mineral Foundation

As yah all know, I've been a staunch user of mineral make-up since January. I realized that I've been putting too much goop on my face, all of which more or less contains substances which could be really toxic to my health. So upon learning bout mmu, I got hooked. It's like make-up going organic! Yay!

So in my never ending search for the ultimate HG material, I stumbled upon Joppa Minerals. Am a sucker for good deals, great buys, sales (am such a cheap-O). I ordered foundation samples from them, some blushes and eyeshadows as well. Am not the eye-make-up type (simply because i dunno how, geez I can't believe i got this old not knowing how to put more than 1 e/s color **cringes in shame**), but since i started sampling and manic-ordering (my dependable credit card always handy), I've quite racked up a few shadows here and there. From EDM (my first buy), Lumiere, Joppa, Meow, Coastal Scents... Anyway, back to original topic, I ordered a total of 6 foundation+fin powder samples, quite cheap too as 3 jar sample only cost me $3. They come in jars, which I prefer, coz some companies put the samples in baggies which can be too messy (too time-consuming!). Light #2 & #3 in soft & full coverage, Prairie Wheat & Nutmeg in Simple Radiance, plus Finishing silk in Sheer & Medium. All foundie shades were too dark save for Prairie Wheat which suits me perfectly. I think I'm acidic since the foundation darkens on me after some time, so I learned that I need to choose a shade lighter than my skintone.

I'm really loving my Joppa foundation and have been using it quite frequently. I will be ordering full pots real soon (just waiting for a great deal on their website, *winks*). It has a soft, velvety feel and has a very smooth finish. It also provides good coverage, I'll say medium coverage but buildable for those who prefer heavier coverage. It's non-matte, and gives that soft dewy, glowy but not shiny look Best of all, it doesn't cake and stays on me the whole day (I just retouched w/ the finishing silk mid-day). All in all, I love this product. I almost gave up on this coz most of the shades I got were off and i got to test this later than the rest of my loot. Another thing I learned, Never give up, keep trying, and that's not just for make-up

Some FOTDs using Joppa Prairie Wheat

This is me when I got home from work!


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hello, I stumbled across your blog...Anyways, I'm glad you found your HG mineral foundation. I'm still trying to find mine! I've heard about Joppa, but never tried it personally.

bhing aka blair waldorf said...

thanks for viewing my blog! :) I've got a confession: been a lurker of yours... :P

Anonymous said...

count me in too! Joppa is my HG MMU foundie as well. love love love the coverage and finish! :D

bhing aka blair waldorf said...

super nice noh!