Saturday, April 5, 2008

Casual Friday FOTD

My look last Friday!

This is why i never post FOTD/EOTD pics before! Am just using my mobile phone's cam so the picture quality is terrible. I gotta get myself my Sony Cybershot real soon! Am such a camwhore w/o a cam, huh!

What I used:
Joppa's Simple Radiance Foundation in Prairie Wheat, EDM Multitasking Concealer, Finishing Powder in Medium, Meow's Clawset Case Blush, Joppa Glowing for illuminating & highlighting
Maybelline Water Shine Essence in Bewitching Pink as lipcolor
TBS Shimmer waves on eyes


Liz said...

you look so fresh faced. :-)

bhing aka blair waldorf said...

thanks! :) forgive the background and the sordid picture quality! LoL!

philwebsupport said...

nice.. site i always visit and read your blogs. can you please add my blog too.