Saturday, April 5, 2008

Coastal Scents haul

Happy Mail Day! Yay!

From Coastal Scents

Hi-Lite Violet, Chintz Pink, Tabitha
Rose Sparks, Aqua Zone, Pandora

their freebie

Took advantage of their BOGO for eyeshadows. Got some face brushes, too! Although, my package is lacking one eyeliner brush (hmmmph!).

What I like bout them is their uber-fast shipping (less than 10 days for international shipping), & uber-cheap prices. What I don't like bout them is that I'm missing a product in my order!

I've heard a lot of raves bout their brushes and after seeing Koren's vid bout these brushes I decided to try it out myself, since i'm still shopping around for good brushes. My verdict on the brushes: For less than $10 for each brushes, I really can't complain much, coz I think I'm just getting what I paid for. It was ok, not very good as I've had better.
The pink stippling brush has that initial synthetic-y smell which eventually fades out once washed. It also sheds like crazy, good thing it's densely-packed. The bristles or hairs are actually quite soft but firm enough for a stippling method application. What I love about it > pink girly handles. What I hate about it > sheds.

The large paddle face brush (w/c they are comparing to MAC 134) does not shed as much. It has a large head, perfect for covering more areas cutting application time in half (perfect for slow-pokes like me). This is also pretty dense. It doesn't have any smell at all. Downside is that this brush is not as soft as would want it, kinda scratchy, not too much though, just a bit.

These brushes would do, while I save up for those much-coveted MAC brushes.


leeshengee said...

wow! :) i should've gotten the e/s during BOGO. great haul. but yes, i do agree that MAC is still the best brushes ther is. :)

bhing aka blair waldorf said...

the e/s are actually worth it. Good color payoff and the jars are BIG! They're not as pigmented as EDM or Meow. Haven't used it with primer though so maybe it will be better.

And yeah, MAC pa rin! Ayaw ko na ngang gamitin ung paddle brush, scratchy talga!

Liz said...

nice haul!

i was after the MAC makeup brushes as well, but I changed my mind eversince I decided to go to a makeup school. they're selling professional makeup brushes there for half the price. ;-)

bhing aka blair waldorf said...

Half off! Great deal yun sis ha! And goodluck on your professional make-up artistry'll make a fabulous MUA!