Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rant on Las Pinas PO


I received a notice from the PO (Las Pinas PO) that I have a package I need to claim from them. On the notice card, it just states I need to pay P35 bucks for customs tax. I have work during weekdays, so I asked my Dad to get it for me. Lo and behold, when my Dad got there, he was asked to pay P1,295 in addition to the 35 bucks he already paid. And as far as I know, my total bill only amounted to $48, w/o shipping (usually, those taxed are above $50). Unbelievable! For a couple of make-up brushes (from the pre-buy of Lumiere), I had to pay more than half of what my actual purchase cost. My Dad was even offered to just pay a thousand bucks, but without receipt...so my hard-earned money will just fall into the pockets of those no-good crooks who are no better than the "buwayas" on the road, who squeezes the hell out of us yet we can't do anything about it. Arrghhh...is CORRUPTION really what we are now?!?!? I just cringe everytime I see my payslip, and see how much of my salary-- a by-product of my blood, sweat, tears-- goes to nothing...err...i meant tax.

So...to date I still don't have the package...my Dad was adamant not to get it... I don't blame him...but the vain and crazy side of me is thinking of those brushes I've waited for so long (coz of the pre-buy). I really need to get my brushes, but is there any way not to pay those ridiculously high tax?!? Oh, my, what's a girl to do?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I suppose that's what they want you to do - who knows where unclaimed packages go?

I suggest that you file a formal complaint with the Bureau of Customs or Office of the Mayor -Las Pinas. If your father can name the official who offered him the receipt-less fee, so much the better.