Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm back

So, long hiatus for me. I've been hibernating like crazy. LOL. Well, I actually got so swamped with work...yeah...been engrossed in livin out the life of a corporate slave (very apt!). So after a long weekend of doin' absolutel nothing...did i say nothing...well, that's just me...

Boy, am I glad to be back.. so much has happened in my life lately, sadly I was not able to post it.

Why don't I start fresh? Well, for starters, I am on my 2-week leave! 2 whole weeks! Hell, yeah!We have this policy at the company I'm working for wherein it's mandated(seriously!) for employees to have a 7-straight-day leave, excluding weekends. Why? To establish work-life-balance, or so they say. Well, who am I to complain right.

Then, my team got axed! Not good! My first thought was, Ack not another series of job interviews...well, interviews are ok, what i hate is the medical exam part! The blood, the urine... you get the picture! Yeah, I was seriously contemplating losing a job. Turned out, we will be transferred (dispersed is a more likely term) to other teams/processes. Support from upper management and HR has been tremendous, they really went out of their way to make the transition smooth, with our best interest at heart. I mean, in my previous stint (call center standpoint) if the account gets sacked for whatever reason(client all of a sudden wanted to pull out just coz they feel like it) everyone's on the line, from agents to leaders to managers! I'm really beginning to heart this company!So, good, right! At least I'm not gonna be part of the unemployment statistics. Sad part is, our team will be distributed, coz no team could accomodate taking in all of us. So we had to go our separate ways... it's just sad that after 6 sweet months with a great team, you had to say your goodbyes and move on and start again. sounds melodramatic, but... well... i'm melodramatic... Ok, ok, I'll spare you the drama!

So that's it, I'm gonna transfer to a different process when I get back, third week of Nov. And I'll be saying goodbye to ever-convenient-so-close-to-everything Ayala, and hello to Net3 at the Fort. Yeah I need a car! Am gonna buy...soon...or maybe later! Plus I need a small condo unit. But first, I need to save up... really really save up. Well..after my trips...maybe!

Next, I'm going on beach trip this weekend, and I heard there's a storm brewing. But it's still a big GO according to my fearless i-don't-care-about-any-storm friends. So there, I'll repost again... if i get back.

Of course I'll be back... there's not a drop of rain here! And we called up peeps in Galera and they confirmed that weather is good, may not be all sunny, but not raging either. So Galera, here we come!

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Anonymous said...

hope your vacation was a blast sis! i already uploaded the tutorial for the eye makeup you requested lol. hope to see new posts sweetie! :-)

Happy New Year!